A Haunting

Posted: August 29, 2011 in About Me

What’s wrong with this month? Why do I keep on having encounters with people from my past?

First it was with someone I thought to be my friend. He caused me so much pain that I despise being in the same area with him.

I fear him ’cause whenever he shows up, I get to feel I’m not free… That I’m trapped.

And this evening, I got another haunting. An ex who’s an escapist. He’s so good at disappearing, he must’ve been related to Houdini.

He said he only want to be friends. He even said sorry for the things he’d done. But I never want to do anything with him.

Again, I told him not to call or text. This is the second time I’ve said that to him. But he keeps on coming back.

I hate these hauntings. They’re worst than recurring nightmares.

And this month, my hands are full from all this crap… From all those S.O.Bs who kept on haunting me. 😦


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