2AM Nightmare

Posted: October 22, 2011 in At Work
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I’m an avid fan of crime shows like Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and all programs on Crime and Investigation. I’m also a reader of suspense thriller novels…. Murder, Conspiracies… They intrigued me.

I’m fascinated how suspects think, how they react to various situations. The psychology of how people ended up doing those crimes is like an evening brain exercise…. A battle between reason and logic… and of what’s justifiable or not.

A few days ago, this fascination caused me my first ever nightmare.

In that dream, I’m being chased by someone who drives this particular vehicle. He managed to kill 3 of my friends… I was forced to leave, assume another identity… and see my loved ones from afar. Eventually, he caught up with me. I couldn’t remember if a fight happened. The next thing I remember from that dream is that I am left to be dead, in an alley. Bloody… and near some dumpster.

That nightmare kept me awake until I can almost see the sun from my window. I kept on thinking about that dream… Was it because I watch crime shows until midnight? Or was it because a part of that dream is actually what I really wanted (my ultimate dream is to just disappear without a trace)?

What do you think?


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