Domesticated Party Girl

Posted: November 12, 2011 in About Me
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I love going out.  Drinking and partying all night is something I really enjoy doing.  And because I have high tolerance for alcohol, I can drink all I want without getting a hang-over.

Because of this, I took up bar tending courses.  Now, I can mix drinks, I can have cocktails at home… whenever I want.

Aside from this, I’m also domesticated.  I can do stuffs at home – do my laundry, iron my clothes, cook food… Basically, any task that “belonged” to women.  I can sew, I cross-stitch.  I also knit things from time to time.

I’m proud of the things I can do… I’m proud to be a hedonist.  I love the party scene.  And I also love doing things at home.

So, I don’t think any guy has the right to make me choose just one.  I don’t have any problem being me… and I sincerely believe that no one wants to be just a party girl, or just a homebody.  It’s nicer to explore and be in both worlds.

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