Another Dream

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Fiction and Non-Fiction, On Relationships
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I’ve dreamed of someone who would be my knight.  In this dream, a lot of things happened… Things that confused me… Things I normally wouldn’t go after.

He was real, taking the form of someone I’ve seen before.  And yet, the words… the conversations… It’s as if he’s just taking someone else’s familiar face just to let me realize something.

He said I need to take things as they are, never expect,  never long for something else.  He came as a surprise.  The feelings I felt when I was with him was the exact opposite of how I thought I felt about him.

And I wanted to see him, to feel him again.  With him, there’s this warmth that I’ve never felt with the current one, nor with the others…

Do I need to go and look out for him?  Or do I need to wait for him?  The same way he came to me in my dreams?

  1. raft3r says:

    love is like a fairy tale
    both belong only in dreams and fantasies

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