Still Here…

Posted: June 3, 2012 in About Me, On Relationships
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It’s been years, I know… and I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately.

It’s been a decade… A decade of tears, of heartbreak and hating Christmas Eves.  I ought to forget… I need to move on.  Your mom even set me up with someone who sort of remind me a lot about you.

But still, the pain I felt when I lost you never lost it’s fire… It’s hidden deep within, brought to surface every time I get to hear your song, each time I look at the moon, and whenever I see a painting.

You’re still my only Knight and King.  I have yet to meet someone who can be like you.  I miss you, Nathan… and I’ll keep on missing you, your smile, you off-key singing, and how you hold my hand while you paint.

I’m still here, wishing you were beside me… 😦

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