Posted: October 21, 2012 in On Relationships
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We’re here again.  At the crossroad where we’ve met… Here where we decided to let go.

It’s been years…  And I didn’t know that going back to our place would mean seeing you again, and remembering.  But it’s not just remembering… Seeing you again meant wanting to be with you, to experience the same…  All thoughts about the end escaped my mind the minute I saw you smile and head to where I’m seated.

To cut it short, we gave it another shot.  We tried going back to how it was.  It was the same euphoria when I’m with you.  Things did looked much better.  Or so I thought.

Here we are again.  Back to the crossroad.  Like being apart is what’s really meant to be.

This is goodbye.  The end to our second take on what we both have.  A sad ending to an almost happy-ever-after.


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