Letting Go

Posted: January 31, 2013 in About Me
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She stares at her… brown eyes wide but listless. She saw her lips curl to a smile, issuing a silent challenge. She decided to keep her stance, not wanting to blink… thinking all will be well soon.

The stare-down continues… With every minute, her insides want to scream. The girl in front of her seems to be glad of her agony.

She can no longer keep up. She stared down at her hands, reached for her phone and threw it on the mirror in front of her. The mirror exploded in pieces, shards flying in all direction. She watched as she saw her reflection’s eyes grow wide with fear.

Her fingers trembling, she picked up a shattered glass. With a deep breath to calm her raging emotions, she pushed its sharp edge to where all hurt is coming from.

She stifled her cry… and let the warmth of rushing blood lull her to sleep.

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