Posted: March 1, 2013 in About Me

She was born out of darkness… of lies and deceit.  She grew up seeing pretenses, harboring false hopes.

When it was time for her to have a mind of her own, she chose to believe in the light.  In what normal people say happiness… She acted the way every one would thought for a teenage girl to behave – God fearing, obedient, and respectful.

But the darkness seems to follow her.  Year after year, she encountered blows which rendered her weak… Her insides shattered.  The girl learned how to be tough.  And she started creating masks…

It’s almost 3 decades; she’s still wearing masks to hide what she really feels.  The shadows continue to haunt her… Baiting her with fallacies of light, luring her with flickers of hope.

And after almost 29 years, maybe it’s time to embrace the shadows she was born with…

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