Expiration Date

Posted: April 3, 2013 in About Me, On Relationships
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Saw an old team mate from my previous work.  We had a short chat… In less than 5 minutes, he managed to surprise me.

See, like me, he believes in Expiration Dates… That relationships are not supposed to last after a certain period.  For me, a relationship is a month-long engagement.  One month – nothing more… not even an hour in excess.

For him, it’s longer than a month.  But it’s still within a certain period.   I actually forgot the expiration he’s set.  Well, who would?  I mean, we had that talk on my last day at work, while we’re drinking RHBs.

So, going back to his surprise…  He told me he’s married, even showed me the wedding band.  Then, I get to meet his wife… and learned about his kid.

The past years changed him…

And a part of me, wants the same change to happen to me.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe…

Who knows, after all the expired relationships I’ve had… after years of being in a week to a month-long relationship, somehow, I’d get to meet my match.

There’s still this underlying hope that I’d find something that won’t spoil, one that doesn’t expires…


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