I Wish…

Posted: January 19, 2014 in About Me
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All my life, I’ve kept things inside… I never want to show my weakness.  I never wanted people to pity me.

I became destructive – punching walls, cutting myself.  It’s what I could do to ease what I’m feeling.  It’s my own way of releasing the turmoil inside me.

I learned to write.  But whenever I do, I have to keep reaching deeper… I need to awaken things I’ve buried deep within, feelings I have pushed further down my being.

I wish I could be normal. I wish I can act like one.  But every time I think I’m on my way to being one, something drastic would happen…

And I’m tired.  A huge part of me just wants to give up.  Almost 3 decades will pass, and I’m still nowhere I want to be.

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