I am an INTJ

Posted: May 26, 2014 in About Me
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I am an INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging).  I take in things via my intuition and I deal with things rationally or logically.  Being one had helped me immensely…  in my quest for endless learning and grasping of ideas and processes.  I am passionate about things that I like and will spend time reading and learning about it until I am sure I know everything that needs to be known.

With this type of personality, I am governed more by my mind.  I approach things objectively, weighing pros and cons, and basing decisions on the set of facts I have gathered.  Work-wise, this is great since I love pushing myself intellectually.

I am reserved, most of the time, by myself, enjoying my solitude.  Some people actually thinks I’m a loner because of this.  But I enjoy those quiet moments where there’s no drama…  Moments where I can be with my own self, think of plans, create goals and accomplish tasks I’ve set for myself.  I love my privacy  and rational way of thinking – it eliminates the drama of taking emotions into consideration.

And being an INTJ, I do have problems when it comes to socializing, or building relationships.  I am blunt, I will say what I have to say, without sugar-coating things.  I hate small talks, I’d rather have someone I can have an intellectual debate with.  Talking about the weather or how my day had been is sure to get a one to two-word reply from me.

But I’m not hard-hearted.  I am sensitive and have deep feelings or emotions.  I just don’t show it to everyone, hence the walls I’ve built around me.  Someone just need to break through the walls, and reach behind the barriers I’ve built.


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