Finally Decided

Posted: July 5, 2014 in About Me, On Friendship, On Relationships
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It has come.  She has waited for this for years.  Always hoping, always doing things to be there, but never getting the actual chance to.

Today’s that day.  Today, she’s going to let go of everything – of everything she’s been through… Pain, physical abuse, emotional torment… and hurt.

She’s getting them off her chest, deciding she’ll feel lighter… more free.

She had burned them all – memoirs of everything she had… pictures on her wall, stories she’d written… and anything that symbolizes whatever she’d had before.  Papers, notebooks, photos, packets… and even boxes of mementos were all thrown in a drum and left blazing under the scorching heat of the sun.

She’s finally let go of the physical reminder of her past.  Of a life full of struggles, lies and deceit.  Now it’s the intangible remnants that she needs to let go…  Feelings that had accumulated well in time.  Emotions she had kept inside, bottled tight, kept in the darkest of her being.

One by one, she uttered the names of the people who’d hurt her.  Thoughts of how they hurt her flashed in her mind.  She felt weak, she felt lost.  But she continued with tormenting herself with remembering.

Sad girl in a corner by Purpledino1

It’s best to remember them now… It’s all part of her process of moving on.

She’s finally decided on the best way to end it.  Her choice may not be a popular one, but it gave her peace.  She’s finally getting what she needs… It wasn’t love nor acceptance.  It wasn’t friendship nor trust.

It was inner peace.  And now, she can finally feel it within her reach.

With sobs gone, and her feelings calm… She closed her eyes… And pulled the trigger she aimed at her heart.

Finally, she found her peace.


*** Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the image attached here. ***


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