Posted: September 20, 2014 in About Me
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Earlier today, while en-route to work, I had the luck to be stuck in flood.  Water got inside our car in the knee-deep flood.  Me and my brother has to push the car to a higher place without water.

I folded my pants up to my knees, braved the cold rain and walk barefoot in the flooded street (I was wearing sneakers that I don’t want to get wet).  I almost lost my balance twice, because the water was muddy and I’m not familiar walking down that street.

I’m soaked in a span of a few minutes.  My jacket couldn’t even protect me from the cold.  Mid-morning, I had to discard my jacket and stay inside our stranded car so I could stay warm.

Before the noon, the rain is still strong because of the tropical storm.  There’s still flood on our way out because the Marikina River was at 20 meters above sea level, and they were going to open the gates of some dams (reservoirs) to release the excess water.

By  noon, I was shivering.  My brother who went home by walking has brought me some clothes to change.

It was only in the afternoon when we decided to go home and leave our car somewhere safe.  We are already shivering from the cold, rain doesn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon..  So we went home and had to walk in the knee-deep flood water again.

I never experienced Ondoy which caused massive flood in Metro Manila years ago.  But Tropical Storm Mario made me experience almost swimming in the gross waters… 😥

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