Posted: October 29, 2014 in About Me
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Something invisible, unseen… But that’s how I want them to be.

The minute people see I’ve built walls around me, they’ll try to break in.

They can’t understand that I need to be here.

That I need to be inside my walls…

That I would rather be a prisoner of my own self.

I never liked freedom. It makes me careless, vulnerable. Free will makes me think I can do what I want… That there’s always a 50-50 chance of getting out of jeopardy.

But inside this room, I am invincible. Nothing can penetrate. No one can get in.

Inside my walls, I’m confined to solitude.

Inside, I get to see who I am. I get to listen to my rambling thoughts.

A deafening silence of debating thoughts… An endless scream of silence that makes me calm.


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