Posted: November 27, 2014 in Fiction and Non-Fiction, Random Thoughts

I knew in one way or another, this is how things would end.

I knew that soon, I’m going to break.

And I chose this day. There was nothing special.. Yet, I felt that if I do my plans today, nothing would go wrong.

I have a 100% chance of being successful.

So for today, I wore my best mask. The one that’s smiling… The one that’s all sunny and bright.

Today, I bravely faced each situation I got myself into.

And now I’m in my room, alone and free… I reached under my bed and pulled the best gift I have ever received.

This metallic gift, this shiny piece of steel. It would confirm my freedom.

I put the muzzle in my temple… Said a silent prayer as I closed my eyes…

And imagined the bullet’s path as I pulled the trigger.

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