A Year After 3 Decades

Posted: March 12, 2015 in About Me
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I recently turned 31. How does it feel? It felt nothing.

Nothing special, nothing to look forward to.  Not even a sense of accomplishment came with this turning of the year for me.

I’ve been alive for another year…  Another year of not knowing where things would fall into.  Will I finally find what it is I’m looking for?  Will I finally be happy?  Will I be content?

I spent my birthday searching… reflecting… trying to find reasons to keep me going.

Did I find any? Na-da. Zero. Zilch. None.

I was supposed to enjoy, to have fun…  But I opted to spend it in silence.  In quietness.  In my own world.  The pretense of trying to make it a special day left a bitter taste in the mouth.

My friends say 31 is still relatively young.  I still have a lot of years in front me.  I shouldn’t focus on the negative stuff that happened to me.  Still…

31 years… and counting…

No more wishing for something good to happen.

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