Posted: March 24, 2016 in About Me, Random Thoughts
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Finally finished with the required 18 units to take before Masters Ed. and taking the Licensure Exam for Teachers.  It was 2 whole semesters of studying, of philosophies and strategies… of methodologies and evaluation.

I have learned a lot… from development of a child up to making your own school’s curriculum.  Subjects were serious, classmates were fun.  I enjoyed my entire 2 sems, even with some unwanted drama.

Now, I’m just waiting for my grades.  Although my grade in one subject during the first sem was not something I wanted, I am more open this 2nd sem.  Probably because the subjects for 2nd sem required a lot of focus.

Right now, I should feel accomplished.  Because I finished 18 units of Continuing Professional Education.  But, right now, I am feeling empty.

With nothing to focus on, nothing to pour my mind into thinking, I am lost.  I am about to look for work again so I have something to do while waiting for Review classes to start.  For now, I have to be content…

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