Ho-hum 2016

Posted: May 18, 2016 in About Me, Random Thoughts

Happiness is subjective.

It all depends on what makes a person happy.  It could be someone, something, or somewhere that person wants to be.  There’s no objectifying happiness.

For someone like me, happiness is a struggle.  Not being influenced by feelings that much causes me to deal with things according to my flowchart, my intricate web of scenarios that lets me react on different situations.  Since laughing is different from being happy, I am at lost between the two.

With laughter as my default emotion, it’s easier to get out of situations I haven’t thought of before.

But I know laughing at everything I don’t know how to react to is not good.  Right now, it’s gnawing at my core, seemingly asking to re-evaluate my choices, retrace my flowchart.


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