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Teaching Experience

Posted: October 25, 2016 in About Me, At Work
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The first semester of SY 2016-2017 marked my first time to teach in a classroom setting.  It was different from training, or teaching kids/young adults different how-to’s or arts/crafts.  Since I know I am strict, and quite demanding, I had to change that… Coz I wanted my first time to teach to be a smooth-sailing experience, I decided to be nice.

Here’s just some things I’ve learned during the few months of teaching:

  1. Things will always deviate away from your plan.  I am someone ruled by plans, to-do’s, checklists, etc.  So I admit, I got a bit upset that despite giving school works in advance, some would still submit late… Or worse, not submit at all.
  2. Once in a while, it is okay to chase someone to give you what you asked.  Okay, so this may seem a bit like hugot but the thing is, I am not the type who will chase after someone just so he/she can submit his/her task. Hindi nga ako naghabol sa mga naging ka-on ko e, pero naranasan kong maghabol ng estudyante.  In a typical setting, if someone did not submit their task, then it’s their loss.  But in school setting, you have to give chances, follow up, and chase students to submit requirements.  You should also talk to them, to know possible difficulties, get the reason why they can’t submit or why it was late.
  3. You need to have tons of patience.  Anyone who knows me, knew that I am not a very patient person.  I value time too much.  I have schedules and plans that I need to adhere to.  Despite loving heavy and loud rock music, too much noise from incessant talking irks me.  True, there are a few times that I scolded the class, and even changed some things because of too much noise.  But most of the time, you just have to bear it.

Those are just some it.  There’s quite a lot of things I’ve learned, but it’s more of how different people behave, how I should act, and how I should treat others.  I won’t go into details about each of them because I am still sorting them… whether it’s something I should retain, revise, or reject.

Still, I am glad to have the opportunity to teach.  I’ve met a few good people – teachers and students alike.  I am thankful and glad that I’ve met them.  I am looking forward to more teaching opportunities… and probably start my journey towards the reason why I did this shift in the first place.

At My Threshold

Posted: July 19, 2015 in About Me, At Work
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I am at my limits.  I didn’t want to judge someone solely for how that person is treating me.  But after a few weeks, I ought to have developed an idea of who that person is.

I never rubbed it in their faces that I was a leader before.  Mainly because the job description I have now is different from what I managed before.  But being told that I used to be on the position previously, it doesn’t make sense.

I work as an agent now so I take it that I will be treated as an agent.  But the leadership qualities instilled to me when I was a lead – the coaching and leadership styles I was hoping to see when I am not a lead, it is quite LACKING.

I understand what needs to be done. I know what I ought to do.  I am NOT DOING them.  Why?  Because (1) I got the notion that once I started doing them, the person will have an ego booster; (2) I don’t feel like I should do them as it is not worth it.

Had they asked me nicely, I would have.  But to continuously imply that I was a lead once, I should do what is expected is just utter bull.  Add the fact that somewhere during the weekly talks, it was implied that I was shameless, is just way beyond what I can accept.

Not because I have an ire.  Or because I feel like I’m superior than them.  No, it irks me because at the end of the day, I am doing my job.  Heck, I’ve even owned a few issues that is already beyond my scope.  All because I know that with customer service, you are supposed to give help to your customers.  You’re not supposed to dictate them and have them call you multiple of times to sort out their issues.

I am at my threshold.  I am more than pissed.  If this goes on, I might not be able to keep myself from talking and saying things they don’t want to hear.  I am about to explode.

Lately, I realized nothing good has come my way.

It started with a relationship that broke me. I don’t want to admit it, but though it was I who ended things, it felt bad. Mainly because I realized I never mattered to him.

I’ve waited. I’ve given chances… Qualities that isn’t the least like me, but for him, I have been patient and forgiving.

Then now, my work. It’s supposed to be a scapegoat.. Somewhere I can retire to when I need to think and relax.

Two bad surveys… Two bad comments… That’s all it took for me to lose the little enthusiasm I have for what I’m doing now.

I miss the challenge of doing something good.. Of doing something that would benefit a lot of people. I miss racking my brains until it can’t process anymore.

I dunno what to do now. I’m at lost on what to think. Distractions don’t work anymore.

My personal life sucks. And my work’s being such a bitch.

Can I still find something to look forward to each day?


Posted: August 31, 2013 in About Me, At Work
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– I left a job that I liked because of personal complications. With recent news I’ve heard, I think I did the right thing. But was it worth it?

– I am now employed in an office that makes me think worst of something I had strong belief before. Now, I believe everything/everyone has their price. I’m now corrupted of my former ideals.

2AM Nightmare

Posted: October 22, 2011 in At Work
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I’m an avid fan of crime shows like Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and all programs on Crime and Investigation. I’m also a reader of suspense thriller novels…. Murder, Conspiracies… They intrigued me.

I’m fascinated how suspects think, how they react to various situations. The psychology of how people ended up doing those crimes is like an evening brain exercise…. A battle between reason and logic… and of what’s justifiable or not.

A few days ago, this fascination caused me my first ever nightmare.

In that dream, I’m being chased by someone who drives this particular vehicle. He managed to kill 3 of my friends… I was forced to leave, assume another identity… and see my loved ones from afar. Eventually, he caught up with me. I couldn’t remember if a fight happened. The next thing I remember from that dream is that I am left to be dead, in an alley. Bloody… and near some dumpster.

That nightmare kept me awake until I can almost see the sun from my window. I kept on thinking about that dream… Was it because I watch crime shows until midnight? Or was it because a part of that dream is actually what I really wanted (my ultimate dream is to just disappear without a trace)?

What do you think?


Posted: June 26, 2011 in At Work
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I’m beyond my usual threshold.  And I’m about to explode.

I didn’t asked him anything.  But, why is he asking a lot from me?  I don’t want him here, but he kept on pushing.

I’m getting stressed.  With him, with them.  And it’s getting hard juggling between each world I have.

I’m currently volatile.  I’m mumbling incoherent words.  My worlds are now overlapping.

Most of all, my emotions are crushing me. 😦

Fun with APAC Friends

Posted: May 28, 2011 in At Work
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Last Saturday, me and my former team mates went to Laguna for an out-of-town swimming.  We rented a private pool/villa somewhere in Pansol for our summer gimmick.

It was a fun weekend with them.  Our group were composed of Waves 2 and 5 of our (my-then) account.  Entirely different set of people.  But bonded by a friendship that knows no boundaries.

It’s an overnight event of sheer fun.  Lots of food… Booze… Laughter and singing… Bodyshots!  The result?  Some got drunk… and more laughter! 😀

I won’t go on much details about that weekend here.  I’ll let some of our photos speak for themselves…