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For the Love of Apple

Posted: July 8, 2015 in On Relationships

Last week had been a very busy week for me and a couple of friends. One of our common friends is getting married and we were tasked to do a few things for her.

We only had a few days to do stuff for her, and this is on top of a full-time Monday to Friday work, and CPE classes 3 days a week.

To say that last week has been busy, is an understatement. We had to design a sticker to be put on the wedding giveaways. We also have to make a banner that will be used during the wedding march. And we only started doing them, Thursday afternoon… after shift.

Thursday, we were given the fabric and the budget to use to buy materials. There’s no single fabric paint that matches the motif, so I even had to mix 3 colors to get the teal color that is needed. The fabric is not yet cut. So we had to cut and sew it first before we can proceed with designing what would be 2 sets of banner with a particular message.

I got home a little before 12AM on Friday… and I still have to review a bit because we have a class that Friday… and work starts at 7AM.

Friday, after work and class, we had to finish the banner and had the stickers printed. Since classes finish at 8:30 PM, we are unable to have the stickers printed out. So we had to ask the bride to have it printed… And we had to buy dinner first before we can continue with the banner. Fast forward to finishing everything, I went home around 3:00 AM. We finished late, and it rained so hard, I can’t go home.

Saturday came, wedding day. We were supposed to look over the proceedings… the wedding march and reception. I won’t go into details of the mishaps that happened, there were quite a few… From the march to the reception. Despite the raucous at the start, it was a fun event – courtesy of the bride’s funny rendition of her “I do…” and the reception’s program.

In that particular 3 days alone, we experienced being tired, panicked, and stressed. But it was worth it. It was all for the love of a friend who tied the knot.

And just like the 1st banner… after the long wait…

They finally got married!

Fun with APAC Friends

Posted: May 28, 2011 in At Work
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Last Saturday, me and my former team mates went to Laguna for an out-of-town swimming.  We rented a private pool/villa somewhere in Pansol for our summer gimmick.

It was a fun weekend with them.  Our group were composed of Waves 2 and 5 of our (my-then) account.  Entirely different set of people.  But bonded by a friendship that knows no boundaries.

It’s an overnight event of sheer fun.  Lots of food… Booze… Laughter and singing… Bodyshots!  The result?  Some got drunk… and more laughter! 😀

I won’t go on much details about that weekend here.  I’ll let some of our photos speak for themselves…

I had to choose one. I have to choose one that will benefit me.. and will not make me feel stupid again.

So, I chose friendship. It’s easier to keep friendship. It does not have any complication that a relationship would normally have.  Actually, I value my friends more than my then boyfriend/girlfriend.

It’s an easy choice… I think. Because I hate the cycle of falling – pain – letting go.

It’s easier to just think. For me, feelings just make things complicated, even worst.

Do you agree with me?

My Angels

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Fiction and Non-Fiction
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A few months ago, I posted an impromptu poem about my angels.  It was a comment in John’s blog Guides and Angels

i have 7 angels watching over me..

angels that were so dear to me.

‘coz of the blinding promises of love,

they shed their wings and immortality

now, my angels were mere mortals

who still guide and protect me..

mortals without any special abilities…

human beings doing extraordinary things for me.

I’m missing each of them now.  Lately, it’s a struggle to keep the communication constant.  They’re getting busy with their own family – two of them are soon to be fathers so I sure don’t want to make them feel guilty that I’m missing them.

I can’t wait for them to visit this Christmas.  It feels like it’s been years since I last talked to them, especially my 4th angel who chose to be a buddhist monk.  sad


Long Lost

Posted: October 31, 2009 in About Me
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It felt good to talk with him again.  It’s been months since we last called each other.  I missed my third angel so much.

So, last night, when he called, it was like we’ve never talked for years.  The call lasted until almost 4 am… Hence, I still feel so sleepy..

I’m glad he’ll come visit me again come December.  I can’t wait to see him, his wife and their baby… smile

I was wrong to like him.  He’s a trophy.  He deserves another beauty.

But what if he’s hurt again?  What if she drives him crazy again?  Will I still be a friend to him?  I’m hurt everytime he shares his problems with me.

If I could just tell him I love him.  Will things be different?  Will I be more than a friend to him?  Or will I remain to be his confidante?  His problem-solver.  His best bud.

Worst, he may leave me.  He might forget our friendship and move on instead.  Can I risk our friendship over what I feel for him?

Will I risk losing my best bud over the hope of finding love in him?  Enlighten me.. Please… sad


Posted: September 17, 2009 in About Me
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I had a long talk with one of my friends.  I opened up to him my plan for this month.  He’d known me for years and was one of my confidante so hearing his opinion is vital for me.

After the lengthy chatter about updates and our personal lives, he asked me something.  I was taken back with his brutal honesty and seriousness when he asked me this: “You might be inlove with ******, maybe that’s the reason why you think you can’t fall for someone else?”

It got me thinking… he knew I like ******.  A lot.  So hearing him say those words struck me.

It actually got me thinking.  Again.