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Posted: February 14, 2011 in About Me
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Chocolates makes me happy. And for the past few days, it’s all about the quest to be happy. All the time.

I was told that in order for that to happen, I need to surround myself with positive vibes… and good friends. And if there are times when that isn’t possible, I should have some chocolates with me.

Hence, I started to have chocolates with me. Everyday. It’s not just to keep myself feeling good. But also to keep the stress away. Happy hormones, I was told, was released whenever we eat chocolates.

Today is Heart’s Day. I may not have someone special to spend it with. But hey, I have all the chocolates I could have. I have my friends who’d share this day with me.

That for me is enough to consider this year’s Valentines Day as a Happy Hearts Day… smile


Happy Thoughts

Posted: November 24, 2009 in About Me
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I need happy thoughts to chase away nostalgic ones.

I’m beginning to feel down again.  So, I’m starting to crave for my comfort food: Chocolate-coated mallows. sad

I don’t know what triggered them.  All I know is that I’m starting to remember each struggle I went through.  Right now, I badly need happy thoughts.  There’s just a few of them so even that simple feat seems too hard for me. sad


I’m at lost…
I don’t know which path to take.
Was it the path to him:
One that makes my heart skip a beat but losing focus?
Or was it the path towards my dream:
A long process but can satisfy my craving to learn…
Was it time to let go of my world – a vivid place with depth and questions?
Was it time to chase my dream – a trip to the unknown…

Silver Age

Posted: March 8, 2009 in About Me
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Last year, on my 24th birthday, I was the image of pure depression and melancholy. I celebrated my birthday with just a bottle of Generoso, and Purefoods luncheon meat as my pulutan. That year, I had a misunderstanding with my mom which lasted more than 3 months…

This year, me and my mom were in good terms. I was actually not in good terms with my dad. He happens to celebrate his birthday before mine and I managed to give him problems late February.

I was so psyched that I will celebrate alone and that what happened last year may also happen this year. I did not make any plans at all as they may go to waste. I even abandoned the idea of watching Eraserheads Reunion concert that I planned to attend late last year.

March 5, my father’s birthday was the start of my long leave from work. I took a 5-working day leave to carefully think whether I’m still on the right track, or am I slowly drifting from my plans. It was at this day when I re-read my journal entries and wrote all the things that I’d like to accomplish this year until before I reach 26.

March 6… It was Rakrakan 9.5, a gathering of members, and the day before I reach 25. I went late in the evening and bought 2 buckets of Red Horse Beer and sisig for my clan mates. After our orders were brought to our table, my clan mates sang the birthday song which I’ll answer with: bukas pa ang birthday ko (It’s not yet my birthday!) which made other rcom members look at our direction.

I was also meeting up with Ellaine Janica, my high school friend who happens to be born on the same month and date that I was. When EJ arrived at Dayo, we stayed only for some more minutes then we headed to Timog or Morato to celebrate our birthday.

We first went to Gusi Bar but since it was already past 12am, the bar’s already closed. Then, we took a cab and went to Pier 1 instead. Upstairs, inside the air-conditioned room, EJ and I ordered some blue margarita and nachos. We updated each other with the current happenings in our lives. We also talked about our plans for the future. That night, I went home in their house somewhere in Project 4.

March 7, about past 10am, I arrived home. Waiting for me were the ingredients for spaghetti and pancit that I will be cooking for my birthday. Instead of greeting me Happy Birthday, my mom asked me where I spent the night. Of course, I did not answer anymore, we might just end up arguing again. So instead of taking some nap first, I immediately started cooking.

I did not invited any office mates or friends because I originally thought that this year will be a repeat of my birthday last year. However, I did invited Motoki, my friend since college, to come to our house. I even assured him that it’s just food, there’ll be no drinking. But, Uncle Tam called home past 7pm, saying that Ayi and a friend will be coming so I better prepare some drinks.

So late in the evening, I cooked again and even asked my Aunt Vilma to buy Andok’s lechon manok for pulutan. In less than an hour, my uncle arrived, followed by Motoki. My uncle suggested buying some drinks so I asked Motoki to accompany me in the nearest 7-11 store. Soon after, Ayi and his friend arrived. After eating, Motoki and I drove to 7-11 and bought Antonov Vodka and The Bar, an orange-flavored vodka. We even bought 2 packs of Marlboro lights and some chips.

I drank Vodka with Motoki, Ate Vhec (my cousin), Uncle Tam, Ayi, and Monty. Apparently, other than me, it was only Motoki who drinks Vodka. The rest of them, it was their first time to drink that. I was laughing at their reactions as they took their first shots of Antonov. After drinking half the bottle of Antonov, I suggested trying The Bar Orange Vodka since it tastes better than the first. I was telling them to drink The Bar without any chaser because it tastes sweet. Their reactions after sipping their first try made me laugh real hard. Ha ha…

My birthday this year was a happy one. I’m already on the 25th year, the silver age. I don’t know which particular age would be my last. As early as now, I’m psyching myself that 50 will be my oldest age. So I better do all I want to do and accomplish what I want to achieve. After all, 25 years isn’t that long, right?