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missing him

Posted: February 27, 2009 in Fiction and Non-Fiction
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i’m missing him badly!

i’m still pinning for him..

to see that smile that makes my heart flutter.

i’m terribly missing him.

i miss his baritone voice.

i’d like to hear him sing that song again..

i’d like to see him again.

for the last time.

i’d like to see if he’s okay,

if she’s taking good care of him..

the way i wanted to do myself,

but could never be..


Shout Outs II

Posted: November 11, 2007 in About Me
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got a new tattoo that would mark a new beginning… a new path. wherever that road will take me, i’ll go. no holding back… no regrets.


can a thousand letters drown the hurt that comes with leaving? does not telling all synonymous to lying? i am losing time…


no more wishing for things to change. i’d just accept whatever it is that’s been given to me…


wouldn’t be so sure of the feelings governing our soul. it’s just a moment of insanity. once reality sets in, we’d both be taking different directions…


thought reaching ambitions would bring me joy… so, why does it hurt? Just when i thought i have many friends, why are there fakes? If holding that sparkle meant losing a lot, why not let go?


Used to think i’m sane… but falling made me crazy.

Used to stop and smell the roses… now I crush them coz they prick

Used to sing my heart out, but now i’m looking for my requiem