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Posted: February 21, 2010 in About Me
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Lately I’ve neglected to write or note any idea that would pop in my head.  I’m lucky enough if I get to save that idea in the notes or drafts of my cellphone.  So it was a struggle for me during process training ‘coz I can’t bring any pen and paper, or cellphone inside the training room.

Last night, while I was browsing my phone, I saw two train of thoughts that I was not able to write about.  One of them was during that time that I thought I was falling again… The other was from that time when I got so disappointed with myself.

Here’s one of them:

I didn’t want to fall.  I just want to look at you from afar.  Didn’t know that one day, I can be closer to you.  I didn’t know that a day would come that I will be talking to you… And finally look into those azure eyes.

The idea’s still vague.  And would need a lot of remembering for me to be able to make it a full story.  sad


My Angels

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Fiction and Non-Fiction
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A few months ago, I posted an impromptu poem about my angels.  It was a comment in John’s blog Guides and Angels

i have 7 angels watching over me..

angels that were so dear to me.

‘coz of the blinding promises of love,

they shed their wings and immortality

now, my angels were mere mortals

who still guide and protect me..

mortals without any special abilities…

human beings doing extraordinary things for me.

I’m missing each of them now.  Lately, it’s a struggle to keep the communication constant.  They’re getting busy with their own family – two of them are soon to be fathers so I sure don’t want to make them feel guilty that I’m missing them.

I can’t wait for them to visit this Christmas.  It feels like it’s been years since I last talked to them, especially my 4th angel who chose to be a buddhist monk.  sad


Children were often thought to prefer fantasies over realities.  As a child, we were told numerous tales about knights, princesses, superheroes and even Santa Claus.  We were given tools to further explore the far and unbelievable world of fantasy.  As a matter of fact, our first ideas of learning were often accompanied with it.

When we get older, we tend to leave that fantasy world.  We get to learn about reality – superheroes do not exist, reindeers don’t fly.  We are taught to approach life in a sensible way.

It is important for us to distinguish what’s fantasy, and what’s reality.  Fantasies make us believe in a perfect world, a utopia.  With reality, we know that the world is not as perfect as we fancy it to be.

In that sense, does our belief in fantasy go together or alternate our view of reality?

It’s easier to give example as to how fantasy can substitute reality.  Quite simply, we can say that the more we think about reality, the better we see it.  Once we divert our attention to fantasy, or even get distracted by it, we are actually reducing our reality practice.

Are you fond of reading?  Reading a book can make you imagine things, scenarios, situations presented through words.  If we’ll carefully think about each idea it presents, are we agreeing to them, thereby accepting them as reality?  Or do we discard them and think of it as just plain fiction, a figment of the writer’s imagination?

Now, the idea that fantasy complements reality gives us numerous supporting ideas but they are quite subtle.  Fantasy or fiction can hold back irrelevant details and give emphasis to important essences, pretty much like a math model.  It can also describe how familiar situations appear to different parties.   More importantly, fiction in itself is a part of reality.   Exposure to fantasy in a way teaches us about it.

It is important if we can utilize both the idea of fantasy and reality.  Fantasy makes us become more receptive to ideas.  It can also aid in formulating theories that not only explains the world we see but also to imagine other worlds, inciting us to explore more.  It was these fantasies that we have changed the world and how we live it.

We live in a real world where life can be tough.  We have the option to view life in a dreamy, fantastical way, or through hard reality.  We have the gift to combine imagination and logic to articulate possible worlds and make them possible.

Let us not limit ourselves within the boundaries of our reality.  We have a vast world to explore, ideas to pursue.  Let’s believe in the reality that we have.  It’s the sensible world we live in.  But let’s not forget the part of fantasy that makes us explorers in our own right.  Let us think out of the box of reality that our adult life seems to enclose us in.