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For someone who’s a huge fan of Crime shows like Criminal Minds, Law and Order, this play is close to my heart.

The leads’ story were connected in such a way that one’s success is connected to the other.  Although the plot itself reminded me of a Criminal Minds episode, the whole execution of the play – comedic at most points, deserved all the applause it received.

Audie Gemora and Joel Trinidad are really good.  Their solos, their duets ought to be listened to, over and over… 🙂  Plus the acting, the portrayal of an actor haunted by his mother’s success on stage, and a detective who can’t seem to get out of his brother’s shadow, all made me feel like I am an intruder, watching a part of their lives open before my eyes…

Also worth mentioning is Pinky Marquez’s playing multiple characters… And Carla Guevara-Laforteza’s portrayal of a rich woman falling for a detective brought kilig moments.  The mom, played by Sheila Francisco brought laughter from the audience.

It was the first Repertory Philippines play that I’ve seen… And now, I’m excited to watch some more.

Children were often thought to prefer fantasies over realities.  As a child, we were told numerous tales about knights, princesses, superheroes and even Santa Claus.  We were given tools to further explore the far and unbelievable world of fantasy.  As a matter of fact, our first ideas of learning were often accompanied with it.

When we get older, we tend to leave that fantasy world.  We get to learn about reality – superheroes do not exist, reindeers don’t fly.  We are taught to approach life in a sensible way.

It is important for us to distinguish what’s fantasy, and what’s reality.  Fantasies make us believe in a perfect world, a utopia.  With reality, we know that the world is not as perfect as we fancy it to be.

In that sense, does our belief in fantasy go together or alternate our view of reality?

It’s easier to give example as to how fantasy can substitute reality.  Quite simply, we can say that the more we think about reality, the better we see it.  Once we divert our attention to fantasy, or even get distracted by it, we are actually reducing our reality practice.

Are you fond of reading?  Reading a book can make you imagine things, scenarios, situations presented through words.  If we’ll carefully think about each idea it presents, are we agreeing to them, thereby accepting them as reality?  Or do we discard them and think of it as just plain fiction, a figment of the writer’s imagination?

Now, the idea that fantasy complements reality gives us numerous supporting ideas but they are quite subtle.  Fantasy or fiction can hold back irrelevant details and give emphasis to important essences, pretty much like a math model.  It can also describe how familiar situations appear to different parties.   More importantly, fiction in itself is a part of reality.   Exposure to fantasy in a way teaches us about it.

It is important if we can utilize both the idea of fantasy and reality.  Fantasy makes us become more receptive to ideas.  It can also aid in formulating theories that not only explains the world we see but also to imagine other worlds, inciting us to explore more.  It was these fantasies that we have changed the world and how we live it.

We live in a real world where life can be tough.  We have the option to view life in a dreamy, fantastical way, or through hard reality.  We have the gift to combine imagination and logic to articulate possible worlds and make them possible.

Let us not limit ourselves within the boundaries of our reality.  We have a vast world to explore, ideas to pursue.  Let’s believe in the reality that we have.  It’s the sensible world we live in.  But let’s not forget the part of fantasy that makes us explorers in our own right.  Let us think out of the box of reality that our adult life seems to enclose us in.

I have two friends who were getting married soon.  One was really in-love with his fiancé; one was because he fathered a child to his 5-year girlfriend.  I can tell that each was having jitters regarding their forthcoming wedding.

Let’s start with G who, in other terms, was madly in love with M.  They were a cute pair, a perfect one even.  But they only met three months ago and the relationship was just about 2 months.  Other friends were saying it’s too early in the relationship to get married.  Well, for one, we felt that they haven’t known each other that much.

We felt that there’s still much to discover.  What if during the time of their marriage, they saw some qualities of the other that they didn’t want? One quality that’s too much for the other to bear.  Will they hold on to the marriage?  Knowing G, he’s not the type who stays when everything else fails.

The question is: Is their love for each other enough to surpass whatever trial or differences they might have or encounter?

Now, to my friend who’s getting married because he impregnated the girl.  L’s from a devout Christian family.  He values life that much and he loves children.  So when his estranged girlfriend showed up after months of separation, claiming that she’s pregnant with his child, he readily accepted her and started to plan about their wedding.

Even though he’s not sure whether he’s really the father of the child, he accepted it. He said that the girl’s really in need of help and had decided to abort the baby if my friend won’t agree to marry her.  Sounds like blackmail or shotgun marriage, right?  But he’s still set on marrying the girl because of the child.

IMO, both of my friends have the wrong reason for tying the knot.  G’s reason was love which clouded his reasons.  It’s a whirlwind romance and I think that they should know each other better.  Because of L’s beliefs and values, he decided to marry his estranged pregnant girlfriend.  The love isn’t there anymore and there’s a big chance that their marriage will be a rough one.

What do you think?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

Do you think we’re all destined to do something?

Well, I don’t.

I don’t believe in destiny. I think our fate relies on our choices.

Destiny is something we make ourselves.

But then, it got me into thinking mode again…

Our destiny depends on the choices we make.


Last night, I was searching for random words at google. It has been a habit to check on some words, their history, meaning, etc. Words like hugging, people, personal space and bubble were just some of the things I typed at’s seach box. Then I came across this word: PROXEMICS.

According to one entry, Proxemics was introduced by one anthropologist, Edward T. Hall. It refers to the measurable distance between two interacting people. There are 4 delineations for same. They are:

  1. Intimate Distance – close phase at less than 6 inches, far phase is from 6 to 18 inches
  2. Personal Distance – close phase at 1.5 to 2.5 feet, far phase is at 2.5 to 4 feet
  3. Social Distance – close phase is at 4 to 7 feet, far phase is from 7 to 12 feet
  4. Public Distance – close phase is 12 to 25 feet, far phase is 25 feet or more

If we’d look at the distances, we can say that:

  1. Intimate Distance – for people with good relations, possibly romantic because this is the most common distance for embracing, touching or whispering
  2. Personal Distance – distance for good friends
  3. Social Distance – for acquaintances
  4. Public Distance – usually used for public speaking

Now, Proxemics vary with one’s culture. A personal distance for one can already be an intimate distance to another.

So, if you happen to find yourself in the company of someone who drives you away to be at least 2-3 feet far from them, try not to be angry at them. For all we know, we’re just making them uncomfortable with the short distance. You wouldn’t want them to think you’re intrusive, right?

As for me, you might make the distance a bit bigger. I become uneasy whenever someone’s within my personal bubble.



Some Thoughts…

Posted: June 7, 2009 in About Me
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I am fond of chatting and most of the time, I get to meet new people… A few months ago, I went gaga over IMVU. It’s the same as SIMS wherein you can create your own avatar. I know it’s not that popular here in the Philippines so there’s only a few Filipino using that program.

One time, I get to chat with this Italian guy. He seem nice. Our conversations were serious, with no hint of flirting or any of that kind. Aside from that, he knew some tagalog words so it’s kinda fun to talk to him. But that was only the first time.

The next time I chatted with him, I got irritated. Judging from our conversation the last time we talked, he seems to be a guy with sense. During our second chat, he asked me if I would marry him. I asked him the reason why he asked it out of the blue. Guess what he told me? He said: Isn’t that the reason why you’re chatting here? That got me irritated.

I told him it’s not my reason for chatting. He further explained that it’s the reason why most Filipina would go to chat… He added that Filipinas would chat on the net, hoping to meet some Westerners who would marry them and take them out of poverty. Keeping my cool, I laughed at him then. I even told him: Ibahin mo ako sa kanila. After that, he said: Goodluck to you Filipina, then left.

Long after the chat ended, I pondered on what was his view of Filipino women. Though in my case, it’s not true, what he said bears some truth to it. Most Filipina would marry foreigners like Americans, Europeans, and even Japanese men because of the bright future they might give them. Seldom is the reason love.

I hate that mentality other races have on us. But we cannot eradicate that thought simply because there are indeed some Filipina who does that. Still, they should not typecast all Filipina as girls who’d marry other races just for money.

Changes at the Workplace

Posted: April 25, 2008 in About Me
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I’m 24 y/o already… and for more than 3 years of my life, I’ve been working at Maersk Manila GSC. We’re on the documentation side of shipping cargoes. The department I am with is concerned with export documentation – manifest and/or amendments of bills of lading… This could be pretty boring for most of you but I’d be blabbering about my work (at least for this particular blog only).

I started there January 17, 2005. After training, we’ve been seating in with some staffs from different manifest teams. If my memory serves me right, 7 of us in the batch (there are 20 of us) had no particular team yet coz we were supposed to be BCP staffs. Since we were not yet called to start with BCP, all 7 of us just loittered in the 17F, not doing anything and/or just chatting with some peeps on floor.

After some days (or was it weeks), we were asked to manifest for West Africa Trade. Basically, we’re inputting details of bill/s of lading on the systems used at Maersk. After 3 weeks, me and Lhem were transferred to Amendment Team. There, we’re tasked to update bills according to request/s from Shipper, Origin and/or Destination office.

While in the amendment team, we were called for BCP. So, after being in AMD for almost 4 months, Melissa and I were transferred to BCP. In that team, we’re just doing tests to see if Manila GSC can take some of the volume of BOM, SJO, or GUA if ever there’s a contingency. Quota was 2 bills per hour and everyday, the bills we’ve manifested were audited by BOM/SJO/GUA and then we’d receive feedbacks regarding our accuracy and SOP adherence.

After some months at BCP, the team was dissolved so we went back to AMD. Since then, I’ve never been moved to a different team again. Last year, I was even promoted to a Team Lead position.

I never thought that AMD team would also be dissolved. Imagine, since the start of that team, we’ve already heard some rumors that it would soon be dissolved. Heck, I’ve even prayed that it’s just rumors. Though AMD team has a lot of differences and/or clash of ideas, we’ve lasted more than 3 years.

Right now, our team’s officially dissolved. I understand that streamlining all processes would require this change. I’ve accepted changes quickly more than my other team mates did. What I cannot understand/accept is that we were dissolved at that time we were so united. We’ve been through a lot of issues in the past but we’re able to surpass them.

This dissolution of our team is one big blow to all of us. We love our team. We have good relations with our team mates… Change is good, they say… But this type of change is not something that you’d like to happen in a matter of weeks.

As of this time, a lot of us in the team already felt the loss.. Today, some of us did things together, coz this is our last day as AMD team… Honestly, I felt all screwed up coz the setting that should take effect on Monday made me feel like I’m a nobody…

Who would ever want to feel that way, ‘ayt?