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A step closer to an imminent end.
A step closer to a finale penned.
A step away from claws of the past.
A step away from tears cried last.

Two years after three decades:
It’s still a step forward,
A couple of leaps backward.
Confidence wanes, certainty fades.

Two years after three decades:
It’s breaking out of a shell,
Retreating in a well-guarded cell.
A worse-case scenario of charades.

A step into a crypt of uncertainty.
A step into a closed infinity.
A step into an ephemeral bliss.
A step into a welcomed abyss.

His Gift

Posted: September 6, 2005 in About Me, Fiction and Non-Fiction, Poems
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i felt pain.
i felt it in his words
he injured me with his actions
he hurt me with his thoughts

he gave me wounds.
he inflicted my being with burns
he gave me a gift id rather not get
he gave me pain.

yes, pain…
the kind that leaves you in agony
the kind which takes years to heal
pain which marks your being with a scar.