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Teaching Experience

Posted: October 25, 2016 in About Me, At Work
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The first semester of SY 2016-2017 marked my first time to teach in a classroom setting.  It was different from training, or teaching kids/young adults different how-to’s or arts/crafts.  Since I know I am strict, and quite demanding, I had to change that… Coz I wanted my first time to teach to be a smooth-sailing experience, I decided to be nice.

Here’s just some things I’ve learned during the few months of teaching:

  1. Things will always deviate away from your plan.  I am someone ruled by plans, to-do’s, checklists, etc.  So I admit, I got a bit upset that despite giving school works in advance, some would still submit late… Or worse, not submit at all.
  2. Once in a while, it is okay to chase someone to give you what you asked.  Okay, so this may seem a bit like hugot but the thing is, I am not the type who will chase after someone just so he/she can submit his/her task. Hindi nga ako naghabol sa mga naging ka-on ko e, pero naranasan kong maghabol ng estudyante.  In a typical setting, if someone did not submit their task, then it’s their loss.  But in school setting, you have to give chances, follow up, and chase students to submit requirements.  You should also talk to them, to know possible difficulties, get the reason why they can’t submit or why it was late.
  3. You need to have tons of patience.  Anyone who knows me, knew that I am not a very patient person.  I value time too much.  I have schedules and plans that I need to adhere to.  Despite loving heavy and loud rock music, too much noise from incessant talking irks me.  True, there are a few times that I scolded the class, and even changed some things because of too much noise.  But most of the time, you just have to bear it.

Those are just some it.  There’s quite a lot of things I’ve learned, but it’s more of how different people behave, how I should act, and how I should treat others.  I won’t go into details about each of them because I am still sorting them… whether it’s something I should retain, revise, or reject.

Still, I am glad to have the opportunity to teach.  I’ve met a few good people – teachers and students alike.  I am thankful and glad that I’ve met them.  I am looking forward to more teaching opportunities… and probably start my journey towards the reason why I did this shift in the first place.

Motivate Me

Posted: March 21, 2011 in At Work
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From various trainings and seminars from my previous job, I learned that we cannot motivate others.  The motivator and motivated are the same. Motivation comes from within.

Knowing that, it was a struggle to keep myself motivated in my current job.  See, there are certain things we are to remember about motivation, getting motivated, and becoming motivated.  And each of those things, I seem to lack for more than a couple of months now.

People will not get motivated to do their work just because they are told to do their jobs.  We have to remember that for people to be productive, they must do their job because it’s what they WANT.  For someone to love or want what they are doing, they must have utmost belief or confidence to the one leading them.  In here, it’s as simple as “I need to do my job because it makes me happy to do it, and I have my boss to guide me every step of the way”.

Second, if you want people to perform, you’d have to invest in their emotions.  Happy employees are more productive.  It is the leader’s job to make sure we have a strong commitment to reach our goals. A good leader praises in public and criticizes in private. If we’ve done something good, praise us.  It will help us feel better.  It will help us aim for something higher.  And when we are at fault, don’t go and announce it to the whole crowd.  Criticizing us in public means you’re not respecting us as human beings.  And that you don’t give a damn about how we might feel once you announce to the world that we’ve committed a mistake.  Don’t add salt to the injury.

Our leader’s style has an effect on our motivational drive.  It’s influenced by our dreams and ambitions, and fueled by the leadership style we’re under or goes to contact with.  Keep on being a commanding controller, expect our ambition to go decrease.  Give us responsibility and it increases our ambition, motivating us to perform better.

With all this out in the open, can you motivate me?

I am childish.  I know… and I’m not ashamed of it.  I may act like a child, talk like one, but I am far from being a child.  I just don’t want to lose the child in me.  Coz it helps me look for the goodness in everyone I meet and work with.

I am stubborn.  I won’t just obey and follow.  I would think first of the pros and cons before I do what I’m being told.  Being a front liner allowed me to experience things first-hand.  And I would need justification before I do whatever it is that you’d ask me to do.

I may be childish and stubborn.  I may have acted in ways one would never think of.  I may have even done things that I normally wouldn’t do.  But I am definitely the most real person one might know.

First, I am honest enough to break whatever bond we might have if I think/felt you’ve done me wrong…  I can’t bear to smile at people who’ve done me wrong.  I won’t act like I love being in your company when I hate every minute of it.  I’d rather be alone than be with someone I can’t bear.

I am not a back-stabber.  I’d rather keep my mouth shut if you’ve done me wrong.  I won’t go around telling people about you or something you’ve done.  I don’t need to do that.  If you really stink, people would notice it soon.

Lastly, I am not an A$S-KIS$ER.  I don’t have to do something just to please someone in a position to give me an advantage.  It was never my personality to be close to my bosses just to have an edge over something/someone.  I’m not a sucker for attention, nor am I a tattle-tale.

Yes, I am a child.  I’m stubborn.  I’m a brat.  But I’m not a scheming li’l b!tch who would hurt others just so I can have what I want.  I wouldn’t do harm to others for someone, say a boss, to notice me.

Small Fire

Posted: March 13, 2011 in At Work
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Small fires can lead to costly damages.  However small a fire is, once it consumes combustible materials, it will become big… and harder to put out.

Last week, I’ve seen how damaging a small fire is.  From a simple message that something was done, it has blown out of proportion and even warranted a meeting with HR and NTEs to some of my teammates.  Hell, it even resulted to claims of FRAUD.

But, is that fire necessary?  Was it something worth the damages?  That simple fire caused motivation to go down.  And to someone who’s motivation is already low, that would be an irreparable damage.  For those who before, is still motivated, that fire is demoralizing.

No matter how hard I try to think or justify why that small fire is lit up, I can’t think of any that would validate it’s effects.  It has certainly created a chain of reaction.  And now I wonder, did that person who started the fire knew that it would turn this way?

Did that person thought of any possible outcome before sending out that message?  Or was the person too blinded by the situation that all that mattered is to tell that to someone in a higher post?